Fluffy brush for flat and hard floor like tiles & mosiac, this brush also anti hair antangle, pets with hair prefer to buy this model
Bristle Brush for enven floor like wooden floor or laminate floor, it is the best for carpet use.

H11 with smart auto mode which able to detect dust level and increase suction power.

All of the accessories from H11 applicable for other model like C11 pro, H10 & H10 lite.

5 years warranty for motor and 6months warranty for other parts.

Auto mode 30-40 mins, Max power mode 20 mins.

No, it only applicable for small drip of water, large amount of water will spoil the motor.

H11 filter design with double filteration, also design for easy cleaning, normally dispose the dust from the dustbin will do. The HEPA filter do not need to clean as the dirt already filtered by Stainless steel mesh.

Yes, Please whatsapp to our customer service team at +60 10-301 7856 for assistant.

You may buy with Wet Mop Brush to support wet mopping.

Its time to Deep cleaning for the dustbin, use the brush provided in the package to clean the stainless steel filter and the HEPA filter. After clean the suction power will back to normal.


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